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Inspired by true events!

The life of Poppy, a struggling actress, is turned upside down when she witnesses the burial of an urn in her yard. Poppy gets entangled with the “dead girl,” Dalia, a Latina health guru, whose mourners show up in the yard, and whose criminal antics, ranging from Miami to New York to L.A., sent her into a witness protection program.  

Why does Poppy agree to mourner manage Dalia’s burial site?

Dead Dalia’s fan club overwhelm Poppy with their visits, as do the dangerous signs of Dalia’s former life as healer and thief. Still, Poppy finds that wearing Dalia’s clothes bring her good luck in auditions and that Dalia’s luscious, Latin lovers are irresistible. Is Dalia really dead? Once Poppy is accused of complicity with Dalia’s crimes, she wants everything Dalia out of her life.

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     Angela Page is a writer, film producer, and graduate of The London School of Economics and New York University. "THERE'S A DEAD GIRL IN MY YARD" is her latest co-authored released inspired by real events! "SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA," a novella and dating guide and the basis for the award-winning short film "SYLVIA." "MATCHED IN HEAVEN," a comic fantasy romance, was the winner of the 2015 New Apple humor category and 2015/16 Readers' Views award winner in romance.
     Her short stories have been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies. She wrote and produced the multi award-winning comedy short, "Unplugging Aunt Vera" which is featured on the SHORTS TV channel. Her other short works can be seen on IndiPix Unlimited and FunnyorDie.

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