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      Meet Kevin Stock, a multi-talented individual with a colorful life story. Hailing from the heart of Illinois, Kevin embarked on a remarkable journey by joining the Navy in 1986. Fast forward 20 years, and he retired with a treasure trove of experiences and stories that could fill a library.

     Born in 1969, Kevin's life has been a canvas painted with diverse strokes. While his early years were dedicated to serving his country, Kevin recently discovered a passion for digital painting, unleashing his creativity in the vast world of pixels and hues. A true jack of all trades, he doesn't just stop there – Kevin is also an aspiring culinary enthusiast, constantly experimenting in the kitchen to elevate his gastronomic skills.

     Beyond the uniform and apron, Kevin is a seasoned writer and poet, weaving words together for over 35 years. His verses reflect the depth of his experiences, capturing the essence of a life well-lived. In the grand tapestry of his existence, Kevin is not just an artist and wordsmith; he is a devoted husband, a loving father, a dutiful son, and forever a Sailor at heart. His journey is a testament to the richness that life can offer when one embraces creativity, service, and the pursuit of passions.

     Kevin's work can be viewed on his Facebook Art Page at STOXX Galería De Arté | Blackstone VA

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