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Hit Astray

A  Short Film By: Jared Palomares & Andrew Perez

Image Sourced from YouTube

In the summer of 2008, Santi lives a carefree lifestyle with his hometown friends. Over their long friendship, Santi has become more infatuated with his best friend, Dylan. However, an unexpected tragedy changes the trajectory of their lives, leaving Santi struggling with his sense of reality and self-acceptance.


Up On The Roof

A  Short Film By: Timmy Thompson

Image Sourced from YouTube

Two boys are on a date late at night. As Zane works to loosen Otis up, Otis can’t help but feel something’s not quite right.



A Film By: Mark Schwab

Image Sourced from YouTube

Three gay men each find themselves in modern relationship issues through three separate coincidences.


The Love Letter

A Short Film By: Wicked Winter Films

Image Sourced from YouTube

When Phoebe and Faith stumble upon an unopened love letter from 1945, they are compelled to deliver it to its intended recipient. But what they didn't expect was to uncover a beautiful and heartbreaking love story between Belle and Hannah. Determined to reunite the two women after all these years, Phoebe and Faith embark on a mission that will change their lives forever.


Two Love Birds

A Short Film By: Raegan Young

Image Sourced From YouTube

All through struggling with sexuality, an 18-year-old Samantha Suaréz had a deep crush on Maya Solace who has a boyfriend named Tyler Smith. They spend time with each other and fall in love. Maya has to make a decision whether she wants to go Vegas with Tyler or stay with Sam.

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