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Momentarily Suspended Times

By: Imane Boukaila

Lost only seeing     streets mostly filled 
with empty silence     shivering shows 
messing sad passing    hostile trips still hiding 
trying to avoid trespassing loitering sounds 
chorus housed times     hoping to mash mindful 
scars shading meaningful short streams 
of passing times     trying to stop 
the seconds holding     on to memories
 reshaping insisting     teasing shimmered 
moving images     of projected sets 
displaying the stages of historical torn 
fractured patience     thoughts acknowledging 
ostentatious thriving     that motions havoc 
hammocked lingering suspended in momentary 
restricting strapped     possibilities saving 
our longing true     desire to resume 
our busy mobile     lives.


Imane Boukaila is a 13 year old poet and songwriter who lives in Toronto, Canada. She is determined to become an Astrophysicist and dedicated to tell the truth about the hidden potential of differently abled minds. She is in the process of creating a transformative " HEAR OUR MINDS" movement to change the general mindset in order to reconsider the truth about the philosophy of non or semi-speaking autistic thinking. 

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