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Noland Anderson

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I am constantly inspired by the simple and subtle makeup of the world around me. I believe that it is very much one thing to see the immediate beauty in a flower, a ladybug, or flowing stream, but another to observe and take in little subtleties that make up the beauty of the object. I observe the colors, hues, textures, shapes, highlights, shadows, light reflections and light refractions; all working together in a perfect harmony that we call beautiful.

      My work is loosely applied with random brush strokes of acrylic paints to a mixture of layered plaster and heavy body / molding paste to achieve an unexpected and desired surface. It is at this point that I allow the canvas to determine which direction I will take or the subject I will paint.

      I have always taken an interest in the era of the 50’s and 60’s therefore I enjoy placing my subjects in what I call “Ultra Cool” settings. Women and men finely dressed in retro style clothing sporting fedora hats, pearls, and the like, while taking in the simple pleasures of everyday urban life.

      All said and done, as an artist, it is a gratifying release to be able to bring forth onto canvas my interpretation of a visual symphony and to be able to share that with others is something that I find to be truly rewarding.

To view more of Noland Anderson's art, please visit and you may also follow him on instagram @nolandandersonart

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