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By: Joe Meyers

I'm tempted to tell you about my pleasures,

Squeeze your sight with a soft foul whisper,

Enjoy, for a moment, your total release.

That scurried search for peace.

Something like safety.

You need me.


Who am I to judge the softness of your life?

Even care?

The safety of slow routine,

Hands on the wheel of summer serene

Always some soft sweet breeze and curtains

Teasing your new couch.


But you see the shadows,

Smell the decay of life,

You need me.


I walk the hard edge,

Gnash flesh

And run into my dark.


I love strutting through heavy sweaty nights,

Blasting energy so wide,

My desires, so wide.


And I,

Content with friends.

 Joe is a retired baker living on the shores of Flathead lake in Polson, Mt. He is a graduate of the University of Montana with a B.A. in English with an emphasis on creative writing. He's been published in Sunder Press and Eighteen Seventy magazine.

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