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By: Melissa Joy Anderson

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She tells me to call

I tell her no

She tells me not to let this go

I tell her it’s what he wanted

Maybe even needed

She assures me that I must not be defeated

But defeated I am

Just as I was back then

I really lost my true, best friend

My lie led him to believe that I wasn’t completely true

My lie led him not knowing what to do

She tells me to call, drop him a line

I tell her that I must give it more time

For he’s found the new love of his life

Oh God, what if she is to become his wife

She assures me again that I must not let her defeat

She reminds me that he’ll make my life complete

I tell her I’ll give it some time to think things through

She yells that isn’t the right thing to do

She threatens if I don’t listen she’ll make her move

Get him back with that smooth, tantalizing groove

We wrestle and fight

Scream back and forth

Until neither of us has a voice 

I cry, she laughs

I laugh, she cries

Then we both sit in darkness with deep, heavy sighs

The pain is too deep for either of us to bear

Obviously this situation wasn’t meant to be fair

She asks if I’m okay

I tell her I’m cool

She then throws back her head, laughs, and calls me a fool

Tells me I’ll never find another true man

‘Cause I let this one go like grains of sand in my hand

I ignore her but her taunting won’t cease

I need something to put my mind at ease

She reaches in my cabinet for a drink

I ask her to please stop and try to think

She tells me to follow her to the bedroom

I walk slowly there like I’m heading for my doom

She points to my reflection in the mirror and I cry

She grabs a tissue to wipe my eyes

 I tell her to go and just leave me be

She then gets down on shaky knees

She kisses my hands and tells me she loves me so

But I know she can’t leave

She’s my alter-ego

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