Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and produced from Los Angeles, California. She made her solo debut with the studio album ,Stranger in the Alps, followed by Punisher, which earned Bridgers widespread critical acclaim and four Grammy Award nominations, including Best New Artist. 

The Fifth Fire

The Fifth Fire is based out of Las Vegas, NV. They formed in the midwest in 2010 and have toured all across the United States. They were signed to LMC Records in 2013, but are not currently signed to the label. The Fifth Fire won The Steel Bar (Wichita, KS) Battle Of The Bands in 2016. They have released three albums, and other assorted recordings. Their discography includes: 

Generation I- 2011

Melolagnia- 2015

Larger Than Death- 2019

Lavender Sunday

Lavender Sunday is an indie project started by Braden Nichols and Matt Reese in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Neo-psychedelia production with arrangements and melodies from the rock of the late 1960's gives them a very unique sound.

Wye Oak

Wye Oak is an American Indie Rock duo from Baltimore, Maryland. The duo consists of Andy Jenn Wasner, lead vocals, guitar, bass and plays acoustic or electric guitar. Andy Stack sings backup vocals, guitars, bass, keyboard and drums. The name Wye Oak is referenced after the former state tree of their home state of Maryland.

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