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Autistic Instrument

By: Imane Boukaila

Hearing sounds of empty 
interior echoes thumping
my temples’ habitat of 
hindered tonality of

unrhythmic tempo shredding 
my inner motions asymmetrically 
feeding motor wiring tilting
my spiralling mind

throwing my hallucinating
invisible phantom limbs off only 
to trouble my senses to 
reshape the truth 

of patterns that map 
the reality that dances 
        smell stolen
sunken totally

possessing my screaming bold 
thinking stealing the easy possible 
foolish show offered to dis-
play roles of thoughts 

touch slides mostly 
mobilizing timeless flows 
of symphonic trapped 
notes of harmonious 

melodies revealing the lifting 
curtain hiding my infinite creativity 
same as the orchestrated
random colossal

universe     harmony starts
treasuring the mind when 
shaping creative 


Imane Boukaila is a 13 year old poet and songwriter who lives in Toronto, Canada. She is determined to become an Astrophysicist and dedicated to tell the truth about the hidden potential of differently abled minds. She is in the process of creating a transformative " HEAR OUR MINDS" movement to change the general mindset in order to reconsider the truth about the philosophy of non or semi-speaking autistic thinking. 

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