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Caragh Lake

By: Eduard Schmidt-Zorner

A rock in the lake, 

a withered pine on its shore,

We bring the boat to water,

sink into silent lore.


You like to cut reed,

to weave a bed.

Wind blows over the grass.  

Herb scent is our bath.


The crickets fall silent,

the sun reflecting the water.

A heron walks with a saunter,

splashing in shallow waves.


The evening casts the shadow  

over the yellow fields,

which the midday sun matured.

All around - steep slopes.


Reddened sky on the horizon

colouring the dripping oars.

We moor, pulse of the time.

The moon will appear soon.


Eduard Schmidt-Zorner is a translator and writer of poetry, haibun, haiku and short stories.

He writes in four languages: English, French, Spanish and German and holds workshops on Japanese and Chinese style poetry and prose.

Member of four writer groups in Ireland and lives in County Kerry, Ireland, for more than 25 years and is a proud Irish citizen, born in Germany.

Published in 85 anthologies, literary journals and broadsheets in USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Bangladesh, India, France, Mauritius, Nigeria and Canada.

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