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An award-winning novel. Sixteen-year-old Alexander Chance’s love of another boy has turned into an obsession—and the consequences have pushed his family to the brink. Sitting in a courtroom, he reflects on the past four months and what led him to the present situation. His father watches a quiet and dissociated son during the proceedings, forcing him to confront his own secretive past. Alexander’s mother keeps a diary and confesses how her sublimated rage at her ex-husband drove a wedge between her and Alexander, and to a pill-popping, wine-drinking existence. In the end, the judge listens to expert testimony and must determine Alexander’s fate. But Alexander is hiding a secret—a secret that would have profound consequences on the judge’s decision.

Refuge The Indie's Nest

The dark side of the post-Roe era . . . Jesse Pérez’s fifteen-year-old pregnant niece from Texas shows up on his doorstep in Central California seeking help. Still grieving from the death of his husband while raising their son alone, he is plunged into the politics and law of a post-Roe era and a showdown with his estranged evangelical family.


A fiction story about a family divided by a polarizing Presidential election "THIS BOOK CUTS DEEP INTO THE HEART OF THE POLITICAL DIVIDE!!!! "


I Would Rather Be Me: .....a timely decision to enact a timeless change. In honor of the legacy of Nelson Mandela


 How does it feel to wake up one morning and realize that the life you are living is your second? Chad has always wondered why his life seems to be going wrongly ever since his dad died. When he thinks he has everything in control, it all goes down to shreds. But soon, everything starts falling into place, and that's when every past memory starts coming back to him.

What would it take to right the wrong that has been done? Is Chad ready for what comes next? Will he loose himself in the process of trying to get the truth out in the open?


    In 1866, Peter Baxter's misfortune ends the day he leaves Badgerys Creek orphanage. Unsure of what to do next, Peter finds himself on a farm run by Mr. Brown. An aging man, Brown needs help and is happy to give Peter a place to live in exchange for his labor. Unbeknownst to Peter, Brown's past is riddled with dark secrets tied to the same orphanage, which he has documented in a red folder.During a chance encounter, Peter meets Rose. Peter cannot help but fall in love with her beauty, grace, and wit; however, he fears that his affection will go unrequited as a result of his crippling poverty. But fate changes when Peter joins the search for gold in Hill End, New South Wales. Striking it rich, he returns to Rose a wealthy man. Peter is changed by his new found affluence, heading towards the mire of greed. Will Rose regret her relationship with Peter?Meanwhile, Rose has her own troubled history. One that is deeply entwined with Brown's past and Peter's future.


    The Blotted Line is an international book of short stories. One thematic link that weaves the narratives together is a universal appeal of trust, freedom, and happiness. While each tale is unique, yet not completely disjointed from the others. A common thread of loss in human values runs all throughout.


   On a trail of relics and ruins, Snapshots is a travel diary delineating my journeys of four major continents. A travel through the ancient, the medieval, the renaissance and the modern, an historical account has been noted in this diary. Primarily, it is the palaces, the mosques, the churches, the temples and the museums, however, heritage forests and sea beaches have also found their way into this diary. Much of the book comprises my internal monologue, which I have presented in a stream of consciousness technique.With my rendering, these accounts have been compiled as chronicles of a motley collection. On rare occasion, culinary descriptions have been jotted. Time is of the essence. And on a timeline of this journey, specific dates have been drawn. As great distances have been covered, this travelogue has taken long to evolve. Dynamic in its own right, at the end of each traverse, another began anew and recorded here. My journey begins in Europe, then to North America, Australia and ends in the sub-continent.


     In this final installment of The Billionaire’s Mistress, tensions have heightened. When Sapphire and Blaise’s son is kidnapped, their world is turned upside down. With a pending health condition, it’s vital that Zenon be returned in a timely fashion. If not, they could lose him forever.     Throughout these trials and errors Blaise and Sapphire grow even closer but can they handle these betrayals of outside forces?     You won’t be able to put this book down. Are you ready to know if Blaise and Sapphire can overcome their trials and live happily ever after? 


    Nalia finds herself trapped in a strange and inescapable lucid dream. Danger looms ahead for her friends. Pressured out of their homes in the Lost Winds, every step threatens them with persecution and death.Taking a daring route on a treacherous sea, they seek asylum in a new land. Will they make it to their destination? Will Nalia's dream of finding peace in Draviland become the utopia that she desperately desires, or are the dangers of this new land even worse than her home? Set in a real time, stream-of-consciousness narrative, this story takes you on a sweeping literary journey.


     After being thrust into the role of primary caregiver to her younger sister, 18 year old Stori was forced to become the woman of the house. Stori had goals and with the help of her best friend, Kalani, she was able to achieve them. Her baby sister, Toi, was her world. Making Toi happy and being a woman that she could look up to was all that Stori ever wanted to do.     Some people were born to stand out while others were content with just fitting in. That saying was true for Gavin, Stori’s husband of 2 years, and his best friend, Naseem. Being an only child had a negative impact on Gavin. He was never a trendsetter so he followed the path paved by others. He loved Stori unconditionally but following the wrong lead had him harboring a secret that could possibly destroy his marriage.     Identical twin brothers Naseem and Kareem Donaldson have an unbreakable bond that even their loved ones don’t quite understand. After being in and out of trouble for most of their lives, the brothers are ready to settle down and live a normal, carefree life. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plans.     Enemies are often overlooked when disguised as friends and some share the same blood. Bonds are broken and some never even existed. Take a ride with these complex characters to see why they’re always ready and prepared for the Worst Case Scenario.


Felicia Caldwell has a great job, a healthy bank account, and stunning good looks. But she longs for a husband and family to go along with it. So when charismatic superstar Pastor Nya Hempstead declares that partnership is on its way, Felicia is elated—until her life becomes filled with more curses than blessings. Five years later, someone has to pay—and that someone is Nya. Soon, Felicia is moving to Dallas and joins the church led by Nya and her co-pastor husband, Gregory.     In the eyes of the public, Nya and Gregory have the perfect life. But their marriage is feeling the strain of Nya’s success. While she’s hitting the talk show circuit and the bestseller list, Gregory is fading into the background. It’s no surprise he enjoys the fawning attention of new church member, Felicia. Little does he know her intentions are far from pure. And as she infiltrates the pastors’ lives it will take a team of prayer warriors and heavenly intervention to save their relationship—and their ministry. Along the way, will they remember the mission they started with?


 Asaya Buchanan is the girl next door; smart, talented and beautiful. She married her first love, had a son and has the type of lifestyle every girl dreams of. But everything that glitters ain't gold. Asaya soon realizes that her husband, James, is not the one-woman man she thought he was. Her childhood friend, Rey, may be exactly what she needs for a fresh start. When the circumstances push her back against the wall, she has no choice but to come out swinging. Asaya makes a move that will leave her family and friends in disbelief! In this tale of love, betrayal and murder, only the strong will survive. When the smoke clears you will be astonished at who is left standing.


200 Letters is a spirited novel about two people trying to escape abusive relationships and finding love, strength, and endurance through their struggle. They are faced with the harshest of obstacles (hatred, jealousy, manipulation, physical danger, imprisonment, and persecution) on their journey. This page turner is filled with passion, drama, suspense and spiritual enlightenment. Check out 200 Letters by Amy Watkins, available on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited.

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