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Crucifying Prufrock

By: John Kaniecki



Who gave you consent






Ah how dare you encroach?

To arrogantly approach

Such sacred a name

For shame!

                  For shame!


I caught the victim in not a garden

But a mansion grand

A library with tomes

                                    In Greek

                                    In French

                                    In Latin as well



What was his sin?
What was his crime?
Simply appearing in

Some cosmic rhyme


Three nails for the dastardly deed

Three nails I desperately need



Robbing poetry from the masses


In ignorance it always passes


For T.S. Eliot could not sing the blues

Half as well as Langston Hughes


I wait with eager eyes

To see if he shall arise

     John Kaniecki writes prose and poetry. His poetry has appeared in over one hundred outlets. John's poetry is always in a state of flux and he is always reading and learning. John hopes to bring his poetry into this new age and then some. He works as an assistant to a lawyer and also a peace activist and a minister in the Church of Christ.

     John has over a dozen books either published by small publishers or self-published. His poem “Tea With Joe Hill” won the Joe Hill Poetry Contest in 2012. 

     Please be sure to visit John Kaniecki's websites at and

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