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Rupali Saini

Hey, Cuckoo...Kuku is my name, 

Inebriated both we, the crazy same.


When you sing unabating & go graded, 

I catch your pain, unleash heart-bladed. 


People relish your sweet voice, 

Nobody listens the inner noise. 


Yea, we're mad;destined misconstrued, 

Never fit into the rational agentic hood. 


See, how forlorn, scripted we are! 

Ever bouncing in this rhyming bar. 


We are cognized that free verse in vogue, 

Woe We!..designed in a cryptic ideologue. 


Geez! We too have Philomele agency, 

Can screech...but all in despondency.


Automated folks listen and rejoice, 

Fail to discern the mourning poise. 


The day,when our-stitch-tapestry be found, 

Will discharge us from this rhyming bound. 


We will be verse free- meant to be understood,

A day when real cuckooing won't be withstood. 



Rupali Saini is an aspiring poet and academician. She has been published in Trouvaille Review, Harbinger Asylum and Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal. Her poetry & writing stems out from her philosophical musings & she pens down her thoughts as they flow. She has been an advocate of humanity and vocal towards prejudices on any basis. She holds keen interest in intellectual discourses and writes her blog “Knowledge is Power”.

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