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Guilt's Passive Voice

Laura Saint Martin

Blood began to exist where

the shoes and floor conspired 

        against a person with

      a mental illness. A bird

was there, to ribbon a message,

a presence of God. There was

  no crime; the voice- packed

         demon was revived.

             There can be no

first person narrative; there is 

    only Jesus holding a dove,

       a razored heart, a vial

                  of Haldol. 

Laura Saint Martin is a semi-retired psychiatric technician, grandmother, jewelry artist, and poet. She is working on a mystery/women’s fiction series about a mounted equestrian patrol in Southern California. She has an Associate of Arts, and uses her home-grown writing skills to influence, agitate, and amuse others. She lives in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with her family and numerous spoiled pets, and has dedicated her golden years to learning what, exactly, a Cucamonga is. She works at Patton State Hospital and for She can be contacted at

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