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Rupali Saini

Guys! we are in a strange trap,
It’s no other than the tech crap.
Believe me, world existed without this,
And much better in a peaceful bliss.
Not as fast as we are now,
But serene for what they sow.
With fastness we are restless,
Tell....Is it better or senseless.
How fabricated our life,
Scars hidden in filter rife.
Scars; not only facial but inner mile,
Pain…adorned with a plastic smile.
What a duplicate life we are leading,
Just want to feel that ego is feeding.
The person with a perfect smile,
Is the most imperfect with a style.
Over phone how friendly we are,
But when faced…who you are?
The world seems to be in phone,
But my Dear! phone is in the world...

Through status, story; what we prove,
An endeavour that we are on move.
Proving to those, who are busy in proving,
A jealous madness coated with approving.
We are not happy but we show it,
Can anybody tell why we show it?


And what is the use of displaying misery,
Who will share it…everybody is shivery.
Can't we be accepted with what we are?
Actually we all don’t want to face the ajar.
Constantly in pain but not willing to accept,
Yeah! good videos can hide every dirty concept.
Everything is fine, we all are very happy,
Enjoying with utmost pleasure…snappy!


Don’t face this, don’t face anybody,
Phone will manage the every buddy!
With variety of smileys & good typo symbols,
We can make the world sounded with cymbals.


Just Shut Up! this all is fancy,
Oh! agree but still not glancy.
Gone are the days…when real had the value,
Now facing real, makes the relations devalue.
All the scars and imperfections are utterly horrible,
As everybody craves for phone's best version miracle.


Let's come out from this trap,
We are in its complete grab.
Try to lead a real life without any filter,
Have faith, it is beautiful with its glitter.


Rupali Saini is an aspiring poet and academician. She has been published in Trouvaille Review, Harbinger Asylum and Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal. Her poetry & writing stems out from her philosophical musings & she pens down her thoughts as they flow. She has been an advocate of humanity and vocal towards prejudices on any basis. She holds keen interest in intellectual discourses and writes her blog “Knowledge is Power”.

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