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 Komla Letsu Philip

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     As a kid, I started school at the age of six, and proceeded to Ghanatta College of Arts and Design (Ghana) where I acquired an in-depth knowledge of artistic designs that aided me in becoming what I longed and cherished to be as an artist.

     My parents have been the inspiration towards my aspiration of becoming a unique artist. Since childhood, I have been painting images through my own imagination that enables me to create and portray how I see nature; from an illusion to reality and into a form of paintings to the admiration of mankind.

     I am a full-time artist and a father blessed with a wife and two young kids. My household is supported with my love for acrylic paintings on either walls or canvas.

"I create to portray how I see nature and exhibit the artistic qualities in me."

                                   ---Komla Letsu Philip

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