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     “Last Call” is full feature film by Gavin Booth and Daved Wilkins that is shot in a split screen and filmed at separate locations in real time. The main characters are Scott, portrayed by Daved Wilkins and Beth, portrayed by Sarah Booth. The film starts with Scott downing drinks at a bar before stumbling back home to his apartment. Beth is on her cell phone, trying to track down her son who hasn’t come home yet.

            While Scott gets to his apartment and continues to drink, Beth is getting ready to start her job as a night shift custodial worker at a local community college. She has already told the person she is talking to on the other line to call her on the office phone because her cell phone has died. While she is preparing to start cleaning, viewers see Scott looking at a number on a piece of paper and dialing on his phone. Believing that he is calling a suicide prevention hotline, he instead calls the community college and Beth answers the phone.  Thinking Scott is calling for information about the college, Beth politely tells him that the business is closed and ask if he wants to leave a message. Scott is confused as to why a crisis hotline would be closed when people are calling for help and he is being asked to leave a message. Scott begins to ask questions about Beth’s day and life. Beth proceeds to tell Scott about her missing son and that she is waiting on a phone call to find out about his whereabouts. As the two continue to talk, it is revealed that it is the anniversary of Scott’s son’s death.

            An emotional Scott converses with Beth about his alcoholic past and about the events that led to his son’s death. Distressed and tormented about the death of his son and about his past as a bad father and husband, Scott reveals that he’s contemplating suicide. In that moment, viewers feel the pain in Scott’s voice and his cry for help. Viewers also feels Beth’s shock and helplessness at the prospect that she might lose someone she’s built a rapport with over the phone.

      Daved Wilkins gives a riveting performance of Scott, a grief stricken alcoholic, down on his luck and trampled by thoughts of suicide, that’s beautifully played out over a soothing music score. Sarah Booth gives a truly moving performance as Beth, a hardworking single mother, who happens upon a phone call that’s likely to change her life. The notion to shoot the film in split screen works brilliantly, because it gives viewers the opportunity to watch characters, Scott and Beth, who’re in two different locations react to each other.

      “Last Call” is an astounding film that takes viewers through a prodigious amount of emotions. From the filming in split screen to the phenomenal performances of the actors, “Last Call” is undeniably a film that stays with you long after it’s over.



      -----The Indie’s Nest

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