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Nadean Barton

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     Nadean Barton was born on the small island of Jamaica, and grew up in Bronx, New York. She enlisted in the U.S. Navy in October 1995 and completed basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois. Her first assignment after training was Helicopter Squadron One in Jacksonville, Florida, followed by Dental Assistant Class "A" school in San Diego, California. Then, she Bon Voyage on the USS Kitty Hawk home ported in Yokosuka, Japan. While stationed in Japan, she visited countries such as Australia, Singapore, Jebel Ali, Thailand, Dubai, Middle East, and Korea.
     Barton then went to Naples, Italy, where she pursued her dream in track and field while still working as a Dental Assistant. After she left Italy, she continued to Bethesda, Maryland. She then transferred to Navy Recruiting District Miami, Florida, where she switched Careers to Recruiting and after seven years, she transferred to Navy Recruiting District Dallas, Texas and then Navy Recruiting District Seattle, Washington where she advanced to Chief Petty Officer. After that tour, she transferred to Navy Recruiting District Atlanta, Georgia from which she will be retire.
     Her personal decorations include Nine Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, and various unit awards. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ashford University.
     Nadean's book "Can A Girl Catch A Break" was birthed from tragedy to triumph while enduring a miscarriage. She turned her pain, hurt, and grief into motivation and courage to push herself forward to positively impact others through her story. She wrote Can A Girl Catch A Break? in just 6 days and published it 30 days after. Writing was her healing outlet and was the first step in sorting out her emotions. She loved the idea of being able to share her experiences with the world to help others going through the same or similar circumstances.
     After seeking therapy after her miscarriage, she got the opportunity to be a co-author on the best-selling book, "The Voices Behind Mental Illness, The Life of a Veteran” and she utilized that book for the Map to Mental Wellness Success. Following that ,she wrote her other book, "The Love She Never Had."
     Nadean is also a co-author on the best-selling book, "There is No Health Without Mental Health" Anthology.


Have you ever experienced unconditional love? The kind that doesn’t only happen in fairy tales but has been around you – between old couples that you know, between someone and their pets, or between friends that are so into one another, nothing can separate them?Love comes in various forms. And for virtually everyone, their first experience of love is the one they get from their cradle bed. Parents, arguably, are wired to shower love on their children. A father, for instance, stares at the little forms that have come from him, and he believes it is his life-long duty to protect and cater to them. He spends the rest of his life looking out for them, creating fond memories with them, and being the best version of himself so they could learn how to be good people through him.



     In Can a girl catch a break? Nadean Barton take you step by step in her life and the journey of what she endured growing up, in her relationships and at work. You will learn that you can also be vulnerable in any given situation. Her motivation to write this book came about after suffering a horrific miscarriage and in the midst of it where her boyfriend left her to miscarry. That took her to a very dark place, she then gained the courage to dry her tears, stop bottling up the past and put it all on paper. A lot of people have endured pain and hurt whether it's from a family member, relationship or a boss. I want you to know that, I too can be vulnerable and transparent, and If you can relate to my situation you can touch someone's life.


This book is a powerful and inspirational book. It will encourage and inspire others. It sheds a light into the darkness and into the life of veterans. Each of the coauthors' shares from their hearts and souls. So open this book and be prepared to be enlightened and educated.


For those struggling with mental illness, the way in which it is experienced has great impact on physical issues because the likelihood of making sound health decisions, learning and becoming proactive about potential overall health conditions, and seeking effective and appropriate professional medical care is decreased by unclear thought processes when one is living with diminished mental health. And conversely, after experiencing chronic physical health conditions, that too, can have a negative impact on mental health. Overall, disturbing the human spirit causing dis-ease. (M.Bell, 2020)

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