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Nilufar Abi

By: Jack Dempster


Gazing at fireflies glittering over country fields, 
   at night I yearn for more sweet cherry wine −

   The Beloved, the spirit of love, is a nightingale
singing at dusk as the sky grows pale − 


The silver goblet overflows with cherry wine;
   o’er Shiraz the sun passes, melting two hearts −
    In the desert oasis a peacock is crying;
its feathers bloom like a net of gemstones – 


Thro’ the night, nilufar abi sleeps on a cool dark pool,
   wreathed in her white silk petals. At dawn,

   when the white egret comes to the water, the lily
will blossom, and her stamen collect rainwater –



Jack Dempster is a Toronto folk poet, musician and editor. He’s been published for Metro Toronto’s Poetry Challenge (haiku), and in Wunderlit Magazine, Former People, The Town Crier, Jam & Sand, Gnashing Teeth, Of Poets and Frenchmen (chapbook) and Juniper – A Poetry Journal. Jack produces Cascadian Art.

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