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Nobody Wants To Be Just Ordinary

   Nobody Wants To be Just Ordinary is the second feature film from directors Stefania Vasconcellos and Miguel Muller. Filmed mainly in black and white with a diverse, young cast, witty dialogue, and a vibe that’s reminiscent of indie films from the early 90's, Nobody Want To be Just Ordinary really reminds one of all things there was and still is to love about independent film making.

       Broken into seven chapters, Nobody Wants To be Just Ordinary follows several young people trying to make it in Hollywood. The film follows an anxious aspiring writer trying to shop her independent film to producers. The self-absorbed influencer who not only wants more followers but also wants to break into the film industry. A young actor who impersonates Toby Maguire’s, Spider Man, on Hollywood Boulevard along with other impersonators of celebrities and superheroes, a struggling comedian that opens her show to a crowd of three, an aspiring actress named Adriana from Brazil that also works as a waitress to make ends meet and tries her hand at networking in hopes that she’s spotted by a producer. Last but not least there is Manuel, the aspiring rapper who dreams of making it big in the music industry.

       Vasconellos and Muller’s comedy satirizes the industry snobs and this generation’s obsession with social media influencers. Their directorial style has an authentic feel and a realism that blows a kiss to indie classics such as the Before Sunrise trilogies. Lovers of the genre will truly appreciate the aesthetics and wittiness of this offbeat comedy.

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