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How It's Nothing

Rupali Saini

How I preferred to snooze again,

In my waken eyes opened at sudden,

When people call it the Hour of God.


How I continued with my indolence,

In my choice to lay idly,

When tireless folks call it time of action.


How I wasted my next priceless hours,

In my preference to stare the ceiling,

When I was supposed to get set go. 


How I destroyed the most fecund hours, 

In my cerebral stroll for nowhere, 

When I was expected to be productive.


How I again put my laptop on sleep mode, 

In my futile restlessness, 

When I decided to write incessantly. 


How I again planned a work, 

In my spirited temporal whim, 

When I ended up in a sheer waste. 


How I again chose nothing, 

In my absolute fickleness, 

When I started to accomplish something. 


How I stuck between How & When, 

In my strange mental rumination, 

When I must arise, awake and trap the goal


Rupali Saini is an aspiring poet and academician. She has been published in Trouvaille Review, Harbinger Asylum and Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal. Her poetry & writing stems out from her philosophical musings & she pens down her thoughts as they flow. She has been an advocate of humanity and vocal towards prejudices on any basis. She holds keen interest in intellectual discourses and writes her blog “Knowledge is Power”.

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