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Potential Rises Hopeful Possibilities

By: Imane Boukaila

And striving to try

presenting the hope 

to save autistic minds


Troubled thoughts

mortifying my mind

rotten truths take time


to part my heart 

hate that hostile 

prejudicial lie 


Truth is thinking real 

takes the time

same as autistic minds 


that mostly

savor the precious 

subtleties of life 


Stop harassing us 

with masters in condescending 

lies retrace the matrix 


that construct our mind 

see us in different light 

we should mostly be 


treasured minds


Imane Boukaila is a 13 year old poet and songwriter who lives in Toronto, Canada. She is determined to become an Astrophysicist and dedicated to tell the truth about the hidden potential of differently abled minds. She is in the process of creating a transformative " HEAR OUR MINDS" movement to change the general mindset in order to reconsider the truth about the philosophy of non or semi-speaking autistic thinking. 

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