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Rainbow Bridges

By: Penny Wilkes

Sometimes my bridge 

consists of vines

that sway

over rivers of alligators.



I’m across.


Others of a Calatrava design

I trot over.


I’m not one for covered bridges

quaint though they appear.


I’ve spanned a hungry

river or two 


Used a thick branch 

to cross ice that required

a different balance.

Penny Wilkes, MFA served as a science editor, travel and nature writer and columnist. Along with short stories, and poetry, her features on humor and animal behavior have appeared in a variety of publications. An award-winning writer and poet, she has published a collection of short stories, Seven Smooth Stones. Her published poetry collections include: Whispers from the Land, In Spite of War, and Flying Lessons. Her Blog on The Write Life features life skills, creativity, and writing:

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