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    Behind the Garden of Eden, that red flower always knew how to make us all laugh so boldly and skilfully that the whole world knew when some better and happier times were coming. Love was born from the heels of the earth's crust and gave meaning to a better and more beautiful time where romance was still considered to give the most beautiful epochs of creation. In that segment, one boy often liked to pick the red roses he wanted to give to his girlfriend. That boy's name was Wesley and he was almost twenty. Blue hair and blue eyes betrayed a symbol of some sincere love that gave specialness to the eyes. All the girls really loved him with all their hearts, because he had some sincere charm. He also loved some of the most beautiful roses to smell in the spring season, but he didn’t give them to anyone so lightly and the girls in that town knew it all. He came from Paris, a nice town that really had some wonderful spectra and persistence in colours that he never wanted to have someone with him again. Plaid red clothes, a red bow that he often paired with red shoes, gave a sign of excellency, but on the other hand, there are also traces that maybe love shines some of the most beautiful traces and reasons for survival. He loved most the world around him and spring where he often said it was the most beautiful epoch-making achievement of his life. I didn't need anything else, because he often liked to give everyone that dose of feelings and wonderful traces around him. Of course, he also loved only one girl in town and picked those red and beautiful roses every day, and her name was Alice. Brown eyes with red lips gave these peculiarities in the traces of hope and knowledge that not everything disappeared as suddenly as everyone thinks. She knew how to show love in every way when he picked those red roses, because a hundred and one roses for her was the most beautiful thing ever. Although many guys loved her with all their hearts, she didn't really want to show it to anyone. She felt that only one guy existed in her heart and that there was certainly some sincere clue and feeling that would not be disappearing in every segment. She asked only attention for everything, but she also knew how to reciprocate something like that when it was needed. Because she believed that the love of true lies somewhere far away when no one else asked for it. Every day in front of her house she watched this guy pick his roses with a dose of love and charm, because for her the biggest holiday of the day was to look at her with joy and beauty that he never wanted and wanted to easily forget. The most beautiful thing for him was that he had her whenever he needed it and he believed it was an opportunity to fall in love and take her under his arm forever, for the rest of his life. He vowed that a hundred and one roses would be hers no matter what other people said about it.


     As time went on, every day was much more beautiful, although in that environment, the boys attacked her with various gifts. You know, everything they do is kind of weird because love can't really be replaced by any gifts and sweet things that will be easily created in time in the most beautiful possibilities of the hands. The meaning of his existence is that he has sincere love only for his sympathy, which he met even from primary school, because she was only seven years old, and he was eight when they met. Of course we have to say that they have known each other since that period but that life has left them on these sides where they could not understand that they were born for each other. But times change and after a long time he moved to her area because he had to go to the army before that. He could never forget that sincere cry and the tears that his sympathy gave him when he turned only sixteen and went into the army without being able to resist those words of his parents who defended such love.


    Destiny is really weird if we say so, because she always wanted to put them together. After performing this duty, he returns to his place, remembering that she was there with him. Luckily for him, she welcomed him with her arms wide and hugged him as hard as she could. For them, it was such a moment that the sun gave its most beautiful rays and embrace after four years of unrest and unfortunate events of the war while she worried about how he spent those days in the war, and all that only strengthened their bond and sympathy later.


    They never wanted him to really say how they felt, but they certainly believed that behind every trouble and defence there must be some sense of sincere love. So even here, when the parents found out that the two of them were friends, they could not come to terms with the happiness of their male child in particular. They asked him to reconsider the decision, even though every day a rose was picked from his yard, which exuded all the animal kingdom. It was as if we were in a land of wonders, so everything that was inadmissible until yesterday has finally become a reality today. And the beauty of it all is that love can overcome any obstacle if we search for ourselves every day and believe that it gives us the best better epochs and meaningful nouns than a trace that is not forgotten, a juicy kiss.


    Every spring when he came, although every year, they spent time together because the love of the family on both sides could not come to terms with it. They thought that it was all just a lie and they were never with them, no matter what they were, good or bad, which is unfortunately very vicious and insolent to understand. But times must be justified in some way and we believe that the traces of love unite us all in every possible way. And we have to believe in ourselves if we want the best for ourselves and for that connection that they thought was impossible to decrypt. It turns out that it is true that every spring she gives new roses because the whole life he dedicated to her was a symbol of sincere love, sometimes thorny and prickly thorns because he had to realize that he was not the only one in life. His non-existence and his inability to recover from some of the thoughts he created for himself give a new experience that he once had black thoughts. He sometimes acts like a dinosaur, but he can't go against himself because his emotions are strong and he is even more angry when he laughs at himself for whom he chose the most beautiful roses. The color red could also be a bloodthirsty story because it is a holy tear shed when he realized that romance sometimes fades because she was of a pliable nature and was only a woman in a white dress as a symbol of innocence. And she loved everything he wasn't, sometimes to be arrogant and to behave a little in his own way. Well that barbaric style is not for her because his words used to be very difficult and incomprehensible to him.

    He had to learn to lift his emotions to a certain level and to understand that the reality around every corner must be tailored if he wants to keep all those emotions to himself and be happily eternal for the rest of his life with childhood love. Instead of just one rose that he picked every day, he tried to pick up a hundred more roses every day, which over time began to be even blusher and more trembling in her hands. And her hands were so soft and special in every way that he didn't know how to fuck them without cutting them again, but also that she didn't believe all the lies the boys from the village showed her, so she liked the smaller city types. what I was. And that somehow discouraged him, because he thought that behind every end of life and happiness there is a new meaning of love and love to give the maximum of himself in relationships. And he only sincerely loved her, but he couldn't understand only one thing that created him to be such a why is that he often thinks about suicide because, out of unrequited love, he had to do something

    He left. He never returned to that fateful day, which was also the day of spring. The stories sang that song of love sparkly, and the sky was blue. Still the fresh air of the rising felt miles away but it was as if trouble was knocking on the door. He's coming. He looks at her, brightly clean hair with teeth as white as the most beautiful pearl taken out of the sea. The approach is very slow, like thumbnails of frames to display. The heaviness in the stomach is felt, the tension grows. He had to somehow say what he saw, but he was very afraid of the reaction. Although they have known each other for many years, he cannot easily forget those little things that happened to him for a reason and as if they pointed something out to him. He realized that they were different, so he told her that with a dose of chosen words. But at least, she thought she was joking at first, which wasn't true. However, time passes, he realizes that this is simply not it. He had a red rose in his hand, but not to give it to her, but to let the blood out of his vein. She defended him, but to no avail. 

    “When I'm not judged, it's better to die in mums, because the love of pain that is not sitting and that someone is a hundred times better than me. I saw you and him hugging together, it's a scam! You can't convince the opposite when I know what I feel and what I see in my happiness because I now believe only in myself and no one else until the end of this miserable life. ... why did I have to choose this if you wanted an adventure with me? Didn't we say that we would be together for the rest of the century and that we would go gradually with things, and this hurt me, just so you know ... "- he said without a word more spoken. And the silence was still felt, so that everything seemed to subside. She doesn't say anything more. She realized that the apology didn't help, not even to say it again. She just said "sorry". And she looked at him with those almond-shaped sad elven eyes. But it doesn't work, love is extinguished forever. Because nothing can increase the time of happiness and joy. He took a thorn out of a red rose and cut a vein. Blood leaks, but it doesn't stop. He faints in spirit, throws a rose and dies. All that’s left is spring, a yard full of blood red roses and new times. Everything is changing now and the meaning of existence and happiness she imagined. He cried, but the dead man did not rise. When you lose what you had, you grasp what it meant to you. He still regrets everything today, but the meaning of life is not a deception but a lesson that love is sacred and that adolescence in relationships is turbulent. Because what is more valuable to hope for anyone, when love fades with age and when we become someone's nothing because of sincere waiting? And God remembers everything and has advice for us. Roses are blooming, love is withering. Everything is transient, as is the reason for existence. He became a past very quickly and eventually became a love seller for free!

Maid Corbic
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Maid Corbic is 21 years old from Tuzla. In his spare time he writes poetry that is repeatedly
praised as well as rewarded. He also selflessly helps others around him and he is moderator
of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for
humanity and peace in the world in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the First Virtual Art portal
led by Dijana Uherek Stevanovic, and the selector of the competition at a page of the same
name that aims to bring together all poets around the world. Many works have also been
published in anthologies and journals (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San
Salvador, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Croatia, Serbia, etc.) as well as printed copies
of the anthology of poems "Sea in the palm of your hand" , "Stories from Isolation", "Kosovo Peony", and others.

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