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All Variants live by one rule - you run, you hide…or you die.     Ever since the disappearance of her father, Paige Adler has been hiding in the system. She spends her days packing ration boxes, and her nights on the hunt, secretly seeking justice against those who prey on her people. Just like her father once did. One night, when tracking a killer, Paige stumbles upon something far bigger than her own personal vendetta…     In the shadows of the city, the Resistance still lingers, all but destroyed fifteen years before. Her father once fought for them, and it cost him his life. Now, they want Paige to join them, too.     Drawn in by a handsome but mysterious Variant, Paige soon discovers that the enemy is building a secret weapon, one that could destroy not only the Resistance, but all Variants, once and for all. In order to survive, they have to fight. And Paige, her powers, and her past, might just be the key to the future…

 International best selling author of the Broken Empire and the Red Queen's War trilogies begins an epic fantasy series, Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor).  The story follows Nona Gray, a young girl who is falsely accused of murder and rescued from the noose by a secret order of  holy warriors, and is taken to the Convent of Sweet Mercy, where young girls are raised to be killers. Nona struggles with a dark past of violence, and a secret that catches up with her unraveling a string of politics from a fracturing empire. Nona's sudden arrival at the convent ignite old feuds and viscous struggle from the church.  Nona must come to terms with her past and wreck havoc on those who stand in her way.

The lands of Northern Caltus are consumed by war; a war that has raged for three bloody decades. The expansionist aggression of the Empire of Elriol is only countered by the defiance of the young khan of the Korghum Khanate, and the two are locked in a desperate struggle for hegemony. 
      Into this steps the disavowed assassin, Brian O'Connor, once a servant but now his own master. A man with a sordid past, Brian seeks the end of Elriol by any means, even if he must bare blade alongside former enemies to see it done. 
      In his quest for retribution against the Emperor of Elriol, Brian finds a deeper meaning to life that causes him to question all that he knows. Yet the choices that he makes leave him torn between the retribution that he seeks or the redemption that he needs. 
      His story, one of courage and strength, cunning and sacrifice, will shatter the foundations of Northern Caltus. A new era in the world begins to the gunfire of Brian O’Connor.

  Ambriel's lonely life in Heaven collecting and cataloging magical objects never satisfied her, but it certainly suited her. Quiet, quirky, and largely ignored, Ambriel's angelhood is often the only connection she feels to her brother, the archangel Michael, who is running Heaven after the disappearance of God and Lucifer. But after a botched mission leaves an important artifact split between her hands and a demon's, Michael exiles her to Earth. A series of betrayals warp Ambriel into a devious enactor of revenge, determined to claim the vacant throne in Hell, and ensure she can never be cast out – or aside – ever again.

  After a mysterious outbreak of a highly lethal virus ravages the globe and hundreds succumb to the contagious illness, the U.S government instigates a cordon sanitaire in major cities to contain it from spreading rapidly around the nation. 


 For reclusive germaphobe, Frank Talbot, dealing with his crippling fear of contamination and germs has always been a challenge, but now he may have no choice. 


At the onset of the epidemic, his ex-wife, Kate, an epidemiologist for the CDC, warns Frank and their daughter, Ella to prepare for the worst. The only hope of survival is retreating to their cottage on one of the isolated islands in the St. Lawrence River. Easy for Frank, he's already there but when his daughter suffers a major setback, Frank is forced out of his comfort zone.


As riots ensue and electrical fences are breached, the H9N3 Agora Virus is unleashed and becomes unstoppable. Transportation systems cease, grocery stores are looted, hospitals become infectious morgues, and chaos erupts. 

Now his greatest fear is about to become his reality. Frank must embark on a dangerous journey into the heart of an infected country, to rescue his daughter before society collapses


In this Graphic Novel series, Nafera spirals through the unknown and mystical world of a secret Egyptian Dynasty, The Inuwa Dynasty. Hesitant, Nafera joins with allies in effort to fulfill an ancient prophecy and liberate the Inuwa Dynasty from its immortal threat, Amunetra. But first... Jenja

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