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By: Terry Wright

As I try to keep our relationship from falling apart ,my other half dipping

from me like bad days, it's not going to last that long.


Finding out she is a gold digger who was only there for the money and what I


can do for her because that was the way she was taught.


Making up things that I didn't consider, trying to keep up with social media


saying this is how it is, but do you understand the struggle the way you can


tell when a person down is when you struggle and they never turned their


back on you; or when that person helped you even though that individual's

situation is worse


 that's love.


Struggling makes you stronger and supposed to  bring a family together, but


these days ignorance is being spread around like this virus


it's everywhere.


Why we can't come together like on the bad times


we all need somebody


someone's death should not bring us closer together. Stop being selfish and


let's one another. 

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