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Sun Shines On

By: Penny Wilkes

The Sun never asks for applause

Even though the moon gets all the credit

for her glow and romantic stimulation.


Sun sends energy into the morning sky.

Clouds collect and play on his palette.

A shower could arise. Sun waits to outshine droplets.


How many forget his nurture of daisies and daffodils?

Yet, the audience blames him for sunburns,

the need for blinds, or those stormy days. 


Sun shines on beyond the crankiness.

Swirls and provides a master show each evening.

Penny Wilkes, MFA served as a science editor, travel and nature writer and columnist. Along with short stories, and poetry, her features on humor and animal behavior have appeared in a variety of publications. An award-winning writer and poet, she has published a collection of short stories, Seven Smooth Stones. Her published poetry collections include: Whispers from the Land, In Spite of War, and Flying Lessons. Her Blog on The Write Life features life skills, creativity, and writing:

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