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The Lake

By: Jack Dempster

As morning mist fades from a golden-sand beach, 
   Sol riseth to his day’s course, burning bright
the weedy sallows with th’fire of his light.
    In these dawn hours, your lips taste as sweet                        
    as a peach. Now I will dissolve into  
you, like a parched man in an oasis,
   drowning my heart in thee. These long days     
 of summer seem to ne’er end! I’ve been to
    lands of mountains and open sky, but never                                        found the jewel that I found in your soul, my                              
     key to paradise. Ah, gaze up! The sky 
        burns with dragon-blood glow, while the heather
and harebell below, with Aurora’s nectar,
    seem dripping with stars in this woodland hectare –  


Jack Dempster is a Toronto folk poet, musician and editor. He’s been published for Metro Toronto’s Poetry Challenge (haiku), and in Wunderlit Magazine, Former PeopleThe Town Crier, Jam & Sand, Gnashing Teeth, Of Poets and Frenchmen (chapbook) and Juniper – A Poetry Journal. Jack produces Cascadian Art.

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