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The Need for Women

By: Sebenzile Ngwenya

Young woman, Old woman,

They are all beautiful

In their own way,

No matter the age,

Women are strong and survivors,

The word woman

Means different things

To different people,

To some it means life,

To some it means warrior,

To some it means friend,

To me it means love,

Women are extraordinary creatures,

Chiselled with dazzling features,

Without woman,

What will men be?

Who will teach them

How to be presentable and mannered?

Woman are priceless,

They are meant to be celebrated,

Without women,

Life would be senseless!

Sebenzile was born and raised in Soweto South Africa. He writes poems to inspire and entertain. Poetry is everywhere. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has poetry in them.

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