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The Platform undeniably takes the term “the haves and the have nots” to a whole different level in this intriguing dystopian thriller. The main character, Goreng, has agreed to come into this futuristic prison, known as The Hole, in exchange for a diploma. Obviously, he has no real clue as to what is in store for him, otherwise I do not believe that he would’ve willingly admitted himself.

            When Goreng wakes up in The Hole, his cellmate, Trimagasi, explains to him that they are lucky to be on level 48. A platform will descend from above each day with many different kinds of food. Those who are above them eat first and those who are below them eat last, if at all. You are only allowed to eat while the platform is at your level. If you hoard food, the temperature will rise and you will burn or the temperature will drop and you will freeze and the only way to stop it is to give the food back by basically dropping it down the hole to the lowest levels. Level 48 isn’t completely horrid because there is still a decent amount of food left on the platform by the time it reaches Goreng and Trimagsi.

            While this seems to not be so terrible, Goreng is also informed by Trimagasi that you only stay at your level for one month. After your month is over, you will be put to sleep and awaken in a new level. If you’re fortunate, you could end up on a higher level such as four or eight and if you are unfortunate, you could very well end up on a lower level such as 84 or 100 and potentially starve unless you are willing to make some hard choices that you may not normally make to fight to stay alive.

       There is no doubt that there is a brutally honest message about greed and selfishness in The Platform that all viewers can take away with them. If those who were above only ate what they needed, then the ones below would not have to starve. One would think that if a prisoner was housed on a lower level one month and had to starve or resort to other measures then they would take into consideration the practice of trying to assist in preserving food the next month if he was lucky enough to get placed at a higher level by eating smaller portions.

     The Platform takes viewers on unexpected twists and turns with absolutely no dull moments. I feel as though all the actors did an astounding job in their roles, as each and every one of them made you experience many different emotions throughout the film. If you haven’t already seen this movie, please be sure to head over to Netflix and grab some popcorn while you’re at it!

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