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There is Hope

By: Sebenzile Ngwenya

We were once a happy nation,

Beaming with excitement,

Our faces chiselled with permanent smiles,

Healthy and optimistic about the future


Then we got sick and worried,

Smiles suddenly turned into frowns,

All optimism was now worry,

And nightmares were reality


We must find solace through quarantine

As we strive to get better,

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,

And that will give us hope


We were not meant to suffer but be joyous,

Let’s take precaution and good care,

So, I’m confident we’ll win this battle,

A happy nation we’ll return to be

Sebenzile was born and raised in Soweto South Africa. He writes poems to inspire and entertain. Poetry is everywhere. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has poetry in them.

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