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Tom Marlowe

Tom was born and raised on the south coast of England before moving abroad in the 1990s. Since then, he has lived in a number of countries and is always looking for that 'perfect place' to finally settle in.
A lover of cats, Tom currently has two of the 'street' variety, neither of which loves him enough to do more than shred his clothes, furniture and skin (depending on the time of day) or barf in those special places that only his bare feet will find. They are considerate that way.
Tom writes modern-day, raunchy adult fiction with more than a touch of comedy. Sure, there is sizzling sex and romance even, but it is always tinged with a hint of hilarity.

"Even a steamy scene can have a moment of mirth," he says, over-alliterating as usual.


Kat Amongst The Pigeons

Say hello to Kat. She’s irreverent, unconventional and in a whole lot of trouble!

  Kat is a straight-talking, no-nonsense girl who likes nothing more than good wine, a good book and a good screw (not necessarily in that order)! However, her lacklustre FWB situation with Colin (the cosplaying nerd who lives in the apartment downstairs) is almost as dull as her job at the local marketing company and as annoying as her all too ‘hands-on’ boss!

Fortunately, she has her ever-growing collection of antique Victorian erotica to keep her amused. Unfortunately for her, she is not the only one interested in her expensive collection of first editions.

The first in the 'Katherine Quinn' series, Kat Amongst the Pigeons is a lively, sex-charged crime romp that features the most unlikely heroine that anybody has ever (literally) come across.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains strong language and scenes of a sexually-explicit nature.

Dave:(or Maby Dan) (Dawn and Dirty Book 1)

  Hi everyone, I'm Dawn.
All my mates down at the Frog and Frigate just love it when I share my sexual exploits with them. Which got me thinking about who else would enjoy my raunchy romps. That's when I thought of you guys!
In each of my short stories, I'll tell you about a recent conquest. They are rude, lewd, crude and usually nude!
In Volume One we'll meet Dave... or Dan. Well, whatever his name was, we had a lot of fun!

Dave (or maybe Dan) is the first of the “Dawn and Dirty” series, a range of BBW short stories packed with fun and filth in equal measure. If you’ve got an hour or so free, grab a handful of Dawn and delve inside.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains strong language and scenes of a sexually-explicit nature. copy - like a product description.

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