Art speaks where words are unable to explain


Wesley Curry II

     Wesley Curry II was born in 1961 and  raised in an artistic family with his mother, Donna, whom graduated with a degree in art. Throughout life his mother established art schools, training Jr. High, young adult and adult, painting and print making classes in a studio built exclusively for that purpose.

     Wesley studied Architecture at the University of Arkansas and went into the Exhibit Design Industry for 15 years, and left to both perform on

piano and to Oil Paint. He was accepted by the Wally Findlay Art Gallery, the oldest art gallery in Chicago,  in 1992. Oil Painting, interiors done with a particular flair and in the En Plein Air style. Wesley also became Music Director for The Second City in 1995, and performed with 

many actors whom went on to Saturday Night Live, and Hollywood.

     Today, Wesley spends all the time he has either composing orchestral music, primarily for feature and short films, painting or working in Pen & Ink.

     The “Yelling Man” series is something like self portraits, visually describing the soul, and the Holy Spirit within the should, while trying to describe the world.

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