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Can You Add?


The Indie's Nest would like to introduce our FIRST contest which is open to writers 18 and over of all genres. The name of the contest is "CAN YOU ADD?" Don't worry, there's no math involved!

Writers must choose one of the writing prompts with picture and continue to add to the prompt, thus creating their own short story. The story can be in any genre you choose. For rules and submission, please click the Contest Rules and Submissions button.

Here I was waking up at one o'clock in the morning alone. Funny thing is, I didn't go to bed alone. I had done too much...said too much.

My heart was pounding in my chest and beads of sweat were popping up all over my forehead and upper lip. As I stared down at the glass at my feet, I realized that I had finally gotten myself into something that I wasn't going to be able to get out of.

They had definitely underestimated me. I mean, they had absolutely, positively NO idea who they were dealing with. There was so much that I could not only say, but do to destroy...

The city now belonged to the dead. They roamed the streets day and night. Food and water were scarce and there was no sanctuary anywhere. There was always the constant fear of...

I never wanted this moment to end. I wanted it to last just laying here together with not a care in the world. We didn't give a damn about what was going on outside there four walls...

"Any luck with the kid?"

Detective Gray took a long drag on his cigarette and shook his head no.

"I mean, you've been out here with this kid for like twenty minutes and he hasn't said anything to you at all?"

Detective Gray took another drag on his cigarette as he looked me straight in the eyes. After blowing the smoke directly in my face, he replied, "He said it was the Night Man."

We had been friends forever. There was never a time in my childhood or adult life that I couldn't remember her being there. I knew everything about her and she knew everything about me until...

Something wasn't right. My head was spinning as I stepped out into the humid, night air. Looking around, I saw no one. The streets and sidewalks were empty. Everything had shut down. Where were my friends? As I looked down at my feet, I realized that I was barefoot and there were drops of  blood...

Image by Henry Hustava

The battle was raging; the once lush green open field was now painted red with fresh blood, as thousands of blood thirsty men fought under a darkened sky. This was Arvin's first battle and he wanted to make his father proud. He wanted to prove that he could be the knight that he was meant to be and restore his family's honor.

Image by Steinar Engeland

Peering out the window she saw him again, in the woods across from the cabin. The tall dark elongated  figure was standing between two bare trees staring at her. As the fog lifted, she could see the tall figure more clearly and the black crow perched on his shoulders. She sensed dread and fear at what looked to her like death standing there in the woods.

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