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Horror  Films



A  Film By: Lawrence Lee Wallace

"Tobias," portrayed by the talented Edward Williams III, is a gripping exploration of mental torment
and the blurred boundaries between reality and delusion. Tormented by his own mental illnesses,
Tobias seeks refuge in violence, confronting those he believes are his tormentors. As he delves deeper
into the abyss of his mind, a chilling darkness emerges, challenging the fragile line that separates
sanity from depravity.


Trick or Treat

A Short Film By: Wesley Mellot

During their first Halloween in their new home, Travis and Beth encounter an unexpected trick or treater.


Odd Girl

A Short Film By: Rami Kahlon

Set in a small suburban town, high school student Dylan becomes worried when his popular best friend starts getting followed incessantly by the odd girl out. Her admiration seems harmless and innocent to his friend, but Dylan isn’t so sure…


The Droving

A Film By: George Popov

Directed by George Popov and co-written and produced by Jonathan Russell, The Droving, beautifully combines mystery, suspense and terror in this visually stunning thriller...

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