George Popov

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  Bulgarian born Writer/Director George Popov has been critically recognized for his debut feature 'HEX' , which was hailed for it's unique visual style and carefully crafted atmosphere.  'HEX' was described by renowned UK film critic Kim Newman as 'A striking little picture'.
   His latest film 'The Droving' has already begun to receive critical acclaim from early reviews, in particular George's direction. One critic says "Popov's instinct for visual storytelling is once again the most compelling argument for the film" - Hope Madden,

   George is a member of DIRECTORS UK and has appeared on leading filmmaker podcasts and on BBC Radio. He has also attended Q&A screenings of 'HEX' at leading University Film Production courses in London.

Writer/Director: George Popov
Writer/Producer: Jonathan Russell

Starring: Daniel Oldroyd, Suzie Frances Garton, Amy Tyger, Bobby Robertson, Jonathan Lawrence Risdon, John Love & Alexander King.

A man returns from the military in search for his lost sister, who mysteriously went missing around the time of strange traditional festival called 'The Droving'.


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