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Welcome to The Indie's Nest, a gathering place for creative souls. Please feel free to browse through our site to view books, music, film, interviews, art work and more from some of the best independent and mainstream talent.

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Nobody Wants To Be Just Ordinary

White Gerbera

Angeles M. Pomata


Laura Stevenson

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Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times


Komla Letsu Phili

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We are currently accepting Poetry, Book, Short Story, Film, Music and Art Submissions!


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Featured Short Story

Head over to our Literary Lounge to check out the short story, Indy Independent, by author, Melissa Joy Anderson.


Film Review

Head over to our Film Review Page to find out more!


Featured Book

Head over to our Reading List to check out novel, Worst Case Scenario, by author, Chenell Parker.


Music Recommendation

Head over to our Recommendations Page to find out more about music artist, Kadeem Tyrell.


Featured Author

Head over to our Literary Lounge to check out author, Tom Marlowe.

Coffee and a Tablet

Are Ebooks Taking Over?

Head over to The Writer's Room to read about the digital takeover!

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